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Easily integrate document generation into any application using our open REST API.

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API Overview

We offer a REST API that allows 3rd party applications to pull document and data routing information to integrate with their systems. For example, you could map a user's document fields to the data in your application, then automatically merge the document for them.

API Endpoint



We use Basic HTTP authentication using an API Key and Secret combination. Each user can create their own API Key and can use multiple API Keys for their account.

Example Combination: "3K83KMN1AL6M1MXMVVCKR66BP9NA:I51BBZ5R"

Example Request
    curl https://www.webmerge.me/api/documents \


Below are the resource objects that can be accessed via the API.

  • Documents - A single document (template) that is used to merge data.
  • Data Routes - Used to merge multiple documents using one merge request, based on pre-defined conditions