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WebMerge helps sales teams all over the world get back to what they do best - sell! With WebMerge, your sales team can spend less time creating sales sheets, presentations, contracts, and spend more time with customers.

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Presentations and One Sheets

Quickly generate PowerPoint presentations and sales sheets that have specific information for the prospective customer. You can even include their logo and branding for a few extra brownie points!


Reduce the turnaround time after a sale is made and when it is written in ink by automating the workflow through WebMerge and skipping the legal review team.

Purchase Orders

Automated sales are the best and you can even generate those purchase orders directly from your website without taking a salesperson away from another deal they could be closing.

Our sales team relies on WebMerge to create professional sales presentations and then generate the contracts when we close a deal. Olivia G

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