WebMerge for Legal Documents
WebMerge helps law firms and legal departments maximize their document automation, increase efficiency, and maintain compliance with industry standards. By organizing documents into a single system, teams are able to easily maintain versions and quickly generate customized documents on the fly.

Contracts and Agreements

Automate the heavy lifting of contracts and agreements with WebMerge by creating sophisticated templates that can be quickly modified with details pertaining to the deal. WebMerge takes the guess work out of contract generation.

Non Disclosure Agreements

Quickly generate and execute NDA's with new employees, contractor, vendors, and more by integrating WebMerge and one of our e-signature deliveries.

Wills and Trusts

With WebMerge law firms can quickly execute Wills and Trusts by allowing clients to fill out information online at their own time. As that information is submitted, WebMerge automatically generates a pre-formatted document, ready for review.

With the help of WebMerge, we have cut document prep time to minutes instead of hours and that has had a major impact on our business. Jessica P

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