WebMerge for Energy and Utilities
WebMerge transforms the way that large Energy and Utilities businesses approach their document generation. Through the flexibility of document types and templates, to the power of on-demand document assembly, companies are able to automate the entire process and save countless hours each week.

Customer Communication / Mass Mailings

Whether you need to send letters 1 at a time or you need to send out a mass mailing to thousands of customers, WebMerge provides the tools to make you successful. Easily setup the notification templates and we'll generate the customized letters. We can even send them to Lob for automatic postal mailing.

Vendor Contracts

WebMerge makes contract generation simple and reliable with features that can produce customized contracts based on geographic locations, products being sold, and many more. Take the manual work (and sometimes guess work!) out of contract generation and close deals faster.

Reports from the Field

As your teams in the field are collecting data on product usage, automatically generate reports with WebMerge that can be easily filed into a customer's account, sent to upper management, or utilized in other workflows.

Our business relies on WebMerge for customer communication through mass mailings and notifications. Anthony C

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