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  • Build Customized Contracts

    Contract / Agreement

    Create customized contracts and agreements that will streamline getting business done and close deals faster.

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  • Application forms


    Collect your rent applications online and send a copy to the applicant for their records, to sign or to complete in more detail.

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  • Government Forms

    Government Form

    Automatically generate those pesky (but required) government forms with ease.

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  • Event Tickets

    Event Ticket

    Automatically create tickets for concerts, sporting events, charity dinners, and more - then easily email the ticket to the attendee for them to print.

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  • Patient Registration

    Patient Registration

    Save your patient intake forms in a readable format and send them to a secure document repository like Box.

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  • Customized Invoices

    Customized Invoice

    Streamline your billing process with customized invoices that can be sent directly to your customers.

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  • Reports with Calculations and Charts

    Report with Projections

    Easily create professional looking proposals, reports, and projections using Excel spreadsheets with calculations and charts.

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  • Sales Pitch

    Sales Pitch

    Help your sales team streamline their sales pitches with beautiful looking PowerPoint presentations that are customized to their prospective customers.

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  • Customer Letters

    Customer Letter

    Communicate better with your customers and create customized letters used for promotion, notification, or simple thank you's.

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  • Proposal


    Wow your customers with professional looking proposals at the click of a button.

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  • Certificate


    Easily generate certificates for all your class participants and never copy & paste again.

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  • Donation Receipt

    Donation Receipt

    Streamline your donation process and save money by instantly generating customized donation receipts.

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  • Purchase Order

    Purchase Order

    Automtically generate purchase orders as you close deals and get paid faster.

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  • Sales Quote

    Sales Quote

    Streamline your quote generation process with the click of a button and send directly to customers.

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  • Inspection Report

    Inspection Report

    Automatically collect inspection details in the field and populate inspection reports.

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  • W4


    Streamline your HR process and automatically populate your most used HR documents.

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  • W9


    Streamline your HR process and instantly populate your popular HR documents.

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  • Statement of Work

    Statement of Work

    Simplify your new projects and automatically generate statment of work documents.

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  • Volunteer Letter

    Volunteer Letter

    Save time and automatically send out letters to your volunteers in minutes.

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  • Donation Receipt

    New Employee Contract

    Instantly generate HR documents as you onboard new employees.

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