API Document Generation

WebMerge provides an open REST API that makes it easy to create new documents, manage new versions of documents, as well as merging data into those documents.

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Document Management

The WebMerge API can be used to create new documents (templates), edit those templates, and more. Integrating WebMerge into your system and making it available to your customers can be a very simply process.

Easy Merge Process

To trigger a merge of a document from the WebMerge API, simply make an HTTP POST request to the url for the document. Each document has unique "merge url" that will send the information directly to that document.

Bulk and High Volume

Integrating with the WebMerge API is a great way to handle bulk document generation that can be automated within your systems. Our system can generate millions of documents per day, so any high volume requests will not be a problem!

We've integrated with the WebMerge API to allow our customers to easily generate contracts from information calculated by our proposal software. Oliver M

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