WebMerge for Form Automation

WebMerge helps businesses automate their online data collection through integrations with online form services, simple data capture tools, and even integrating directly with PDF forms.

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Data Capture

WebMerge offers a simple data capture tool (online form) that hooks up to your documents directly. Your customers can fill out that form and a document will be instantly generated.

Online Form Integrations

With WebMerge, you can easily integrate with a number of popular online form services that allow you to build a customized form and save data in an online database. Many also have integrations with other cloud apps that makes sharing data a snap.

Fillable PDF Forms

Integrating fillable PDF Forms with WebMerge is one of the quickest ways to start collecting forms. Simply add a submit button to the PDF that connects to WebMerge and we send you a saved copy of the data that was filled in on the form. No more printing and scanning the PDF! Learn how our smart documents work, or explore our key product features.

WebMerge makes is super easy to create a PDF from online form submissions and send them to our Box account. Miranda N

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