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Real estate professionals depend on WebMerge everyday to handle document preparation so they can focus on what they do best - sell! From generating a simple lease to creating a customized purchase agreement, WebMerge can streamline the entire process.

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Rental Applications / Leases

For large apartment complexes and management companies, efficiency and responsiveness is expected and required to maintain high occupancy. Automating document generation can be an important piece to streamlining the rental process.

Transactions and Agreements

Buying or selling a new home can be exciting and stressful at the same time. From making an offer, to negotiations, to inspections, to closing - there is a lot going on. And a lot of documentation to go along with it. Make your agents successful by giving them the tools to quickly generate new agreements, contracts, and more.


Streamline your mortgage loan process and take applications online. Use WebMerge to easily collect the necessary information from the applicant and then generate an application that can be sent to underwriting. Learn more about how our smart documents can help you simplify real estate document preparation.

We have streamlined our application and lease process across all of our properties. WebMerge has been essential. James T

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