Procurement Process Automation

WebMerge makes document management a breeze for procurement teams. With easy-to-use data collection and powerful delivery options, WebMerge can streamline contract processes and other approval workflows.

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Contracts / Statement of Work

Reduce the time it takes to generate contracts and receive approval. By using a standard template, you can generate documents in seconds and get them signed in no time.

Purchase Orders

Allow your customer's actions on your website to automatically generate a purchase order document and send it through the proper workflows.

Service Agreements

Creating service agreements could not be easier. With WebMerge and our easy integration, you can generate agreements from anywhere in the cloud. Learn more about WebMerge and how we can help you create a seamless procurement process automation workflow.

We run all of our documents through WebMerge to make it easy for our staff and reduce accidental data entry errors. Jason C

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