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WebMerge helps HR departments all over the world reduce the time they spend on document preparation. From small companies with a growing HR team to large enterprises, WebMerge can automate the new hire process, employee contracts, and more.

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Employee Onboarding

Hiring a new employee doesn't have to be a daunting experience of collecting information from the new hire, filing documents, and gathering signatures. Fill out the information once and WebMerge can generate all the documents needed and start the signature/approval process.

Contractor Agreements

WebMerge helps streamline contractor agreements by allowing the HR team to quickly fill out the details of the contract and then generating a document and sending it off for e-signature.

Employee Requests

Make it easy for employees to submit requests and efficiently pass through the approval process. With WebMerge, employees can submit a request online, generate the necessary paperwork, and send it to a manager for approval.

WebMerge has helped us streamline our entire employee onboarding process. As a growing company, this has been vital to our success (and sanity)! Michelle R

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