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WebMerge makes it easy for banks, lenders, wealth management companies, and others in financial services to quickly generate, review, and deliver documents to their customers. With simple integrations and flexible document types, you can generate customized loan applications, customer notices, and more in a matter of seconds.

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Streamlining the process of onboarding a new prospective customer is key to closing a sale. With WebMerge, you can quickly collect information about the customer and generate all the documents you need.

Loan Servicing

WebMerge provides loan servicing companies a simple way to generate all of the loan documents needed for a deal with the click of a button. Generate the application, send it off for an e-signature, and close the deal.

Wealth Management

Wealth management firms can automate the piles of documentation that need to be created when a client wants to open a new account, transfer funds, and more. In an instant, generate all the documents you need without having to copy and paste anything. Learn how our smart documents work.

We use WebMerge everyday to automate the generation of loan applications across our entire sales team Christine W

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