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Healthcare providers rely on efficiency to provide high quality care at an affordable cost. By integrating WebMerge, physicians and other healthcare companies can increase their efficiency while reducing errors that can occur throughout the treatment process.

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New Patient Onboarding

A thorough and efficient onboarding process for new patients is key to the success of a healthcare provider. With WebMerge, physicians can quickly generate all the patient forms the office staff needs to turn new patients into paying patients.

Patient Records

Creating and maintaining patient records is vital for physicians to quickly diagnose and treat patients. With our flexible delivery options, saving documents in a patient management system is easy and secure.

Approvals, Contracts, and Agreements

WebMerge takes the guesswork out of generating documents for approval, as well as creating contracts and agreements to be signed by patients and healthcare providers. Learn how our smart documents work.

With the help of WebMerge, we have taken our entire patient records online and our office staff saves countless hours every single day. Dr. David B

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