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Customer Stories

  • Manhattan Mutt Company logo

    Pet Services

    "To say WebMerge has been a time saver is an understatement. The work we do on our end now takes 60 seconds or less."

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  • Northwest Corporate Law LLC logo


    "Document automation with WebMerge eliminates a lot of human errors, so ultimately we're able to give the client a better product in significantly less time."

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  • LetCheck Inventories logo

    Real Estate

    "WebMerge has given us the tools to create real competitive advantage in what is perceived as a commoditized industry."

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  • Eldercare logo


    "We have modified our whole process. WebMerge has automated manual processes and eliminated work-arounds."

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  • Flatbush Shomrim logo

    Neighborhood Assoc.

    "Every second counts when it comes to potentially saving a life. WebMerge can potentially mean the difference between life or death for the people we are trying to help."

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  • Asset Dedication logo


    “We view the combination of WebMerge, Formstack and RightSignature as a capacity strategy more than a growth strategy. Our clients experiences are more consistent and intuitive now."

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Create One Sheets and Marketing PDF documents

"The best feature is that I don't have to think about it."

As a SaaS solution for New and Pre-owned Auto dealerships we needed to get large numbers of uniquely formatted PDFs with custom backgrounds created for an extensive group of dealerships all over the country and in South Africa. All created from Formstack forms and delivered in printable form to my distributed user base.

Liqueo Cars

"WebMerge is a lifesaver!"

Our organization had some very comprehensive PDF forms that needed to be pre-populated and emailed to our staff in three different counties. The WebMerge service works flawlessly behind the scenes to provide this vital service by integrating with our online webform - and we didn't have to write a single line of code. Thank you WebMerge!

Energy Smart Colorado

Auto fill PDF forms
Easily convert for your forms into Word or PDF documents

"WebMerge is the missing link"

WebMerge is the missing link to electronic records generation and document control. By forwarding data captured in Easy Forms, WebMerge is able to automate even the most complicated formatting and distribution options, allowing us to deliver real business solutions to our clients by streamlining workflows and eliminating the requirement for paper based records. Thank you WebMerge!

Easy Forms

A few more nice words

Before we discovered WebMerge, we had to rely on bulky and technologically confusing methods for merging our web form information into an actual document. The beauty of WebMerge is that, once we've set up our document shell, we never have to worry about making sure it works, and we haven't missed anything. And since it integrates seamlessly with our systems, the process is even easier.Chris T.
The integration with Formstack is what drew us to WebMerge, although we've since discovered other ways to use the service. Not only does WebMerge work exactly the way we ask it to, but it has yet to fail! Knowing that WebMerge is always functioning, and merging our documents behind the scenes with no babysitting, has been a true stress reliever.Sara R.

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