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Volunteer Letter Template

Merge important data like start date, volunteer duties, and more into this volunteer welcome letter.

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Formstack Documents automated volunteer sample template

When you work for a nonprofit, you have to find ways to accomplish more with less resources. Your time is already maxed out recruiting volunteers, stewarding donors, and running programsā€”all while sharing your story and creating change. You don't have time to waste on manual tasks and wasteful processes! With Formstack Documents, you canĀ streamlineĀ the creation, completion, and delivery of all the documents your nonprofit uses to increase funding, engage donors, and kick off programs. From merging data into your documents to sending them out for eSignatures, Formstack Documents is your one-stop shop for document management.

What is a volunteer letter?

What is a volunteer letter?

It takes a lot of work to recruit new, dedicated volunteers for your organization. Make volunteers feel welcome and special by sending them a personalized volunteer letter. Include all the necessary information volunteers need, like address, start date, volunteer times, point of contact, and volunteer expectations. It's a small investment that could lead to a major return.

Why use a volunteer letter?

Why use a volunteer letter?

Retaining your volunteers is an important part of sustaining your nonprofit. Ensuring volunteers have a pleasant experience from the beginning of their relationship with your nonprofit is crucial to success. This volunteer letter template is easy to customize with your own branding and volunteer information. Consider adapting this letter for use in different situations, like thanking donors, congratulating program participants on program acceptance or graduation, inviting supporters to events, or welcoming new employees to your team.

How can I create a volunteer letter template?

How can I create a volunteer letter template?

Formstack Documents isĀ filled with featuresĀ that empower you to create customized documents faster, streamline your workflow, and get you back to business. This volunteer letter sample is completely customizable to your nonprofit's needs. Connect the document to theĀ tools you use every dayĀ to make merging data simple and easy. You can say goodbye to wasting time on manually updating this letter for every new volunteer. Simply set it and forget it! Once your documents are uploaded and mapped correctly, you won't need to log back into Formstack Documents again unless the document template needs to be changed.

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