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Statement of Work Template

Outline the scope of work, schedule, and payments for new projects.

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Whether you're a freelancer or small business owner, having a statement of work template can help you avoid major headaches down the road. Whenever you're about to begin a new project, utilize this statement of work example to create a polished, professional document that outlines all project details. WebMerge makes it easy to create, customize, and deliver your statement of work documents to clients for review and signature.

What is a statement of work?

What is a statement of work?

A statement of work is a document used by project managers and contractors to clearly outline the expectations of individual projects. These expectations may include the scope of work, project schedule, and payments. A good statement of work will be clear and concise, while still including all details necessary to execute and complete the project. If you are using a statement of work template for professional services, it's important to have both parties sign the document before beginning any work.

Why should I use a statement of work?

Why should I use a statement of work?

This statement of work example will help you create a professional document that guides your next important project. Whether you plan to finish the project in one month or six, it's important to use a statement of work to ensure all parties are clear on the objectives, goals, timeline, and cost. Using a statement of work template minimizes questions and confusion by keeping all parties informed on project expectations.

How can I create a statement of work?

How can I create a statement of work?

With WebMerge, you can easily edit this statement of work template to make it your own in a matter of minutes. Plus, you won't have to waste time manually editing your statement of work template every time you start a new project or add a new client. WebMerge makes it easy to set up powerful integrations that connect to your most-used tools and automate document creation, data merging, and delivery.

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