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Sales Contract Template

Customize this template to the needs of your customers and produce sales contracts in minutes.

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Sales Contract

No matter what type of product you're selling, using a sales contract is a smart decision. It ensures your customers have a clear expectation of their purchase while giving your company protection in case something goes awry during the transaction. Use this sales contract agreement to create legally binding contracts in just a few minutes. Using Formstack Documents to create all your sales contracts will help you save hundreds of hours by eliminating manual data entry and streamlining your paperwork processes. Add this sales contract template to your workflow to secure your sales and impress customers with a faster contract turnaround time.

What is a sales contract?

What is a sales contract?

A sales contract is a documented agreement between a business and a customer that outlines all the terms and conditions of a sale. A sales contract agreement can be used for the transactions of goods and/or services. The business will draft the sales contract, the customer will review, and both parties will sign the final document. If any disputes arise from either party after the contract has been signed, it can be used in legal proceedings.

Why should you use a sales contract?

Why should you use a sales contract?

Using a sales contract protects your business in many different situations. What if your buyer doesn't pay you? What happens if the product is damaged during shipping? How will you handle discussions over pricing? A sales agreement can help guide you through these situations and many more. It ensures you and your customer have a clear understanding of all aspects of the transaction and are prepared to tackle whatever situations may arise.

How do you write a sales contract?

How do you write a sales contract?

There's no need to start your sales contracts from scratch anymore. This sales contract template is easy to customize and takes only minutes to launch. Use this template with Formstack Documents to streamline the creation, completion, and delivery of all your sales contracts. There's no need to waste time manually filling out contracts and figuring out the best way to get them to your customers. Formstack Documents makes it incredibly easy to merge data into polished, professional documents that can be automatically sent to customers in your preferred document format.

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