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September 29, 2013

Streamline Your HR and Employee Onboarding Documents

Your HR department is always inundated with what seems a never ending trail of documents and forms for insurance information, employee contracts, and more.  To save their employee's time, they usually try to fill out as much information on the forms as they can, but this is always a manual process.  Then, they have to send those documents to the employee and they have to print to fill out and/or sign.

There is a better way!  Imagine if your HR department could simply fill out (or upload) the basic information for a new hire, and all of the documents they need to complete are automatically generated and emailed to the new employee.  They could also be sent directly to RightSignature for e-signature and the print & sign step can be skipped completely!

The process of generating multiple documents from a single set of information is accomplished using our Data Routing feature which sends the information to documents which you select beforehand.  You can also set conditions so that only specific documents will be generated if they are needed.

Alternatively to your HR department submitting the new hire’s information, you could setup a simple online form using a service like Formstack and then the information would be sent over to WebMerge and we’ll create and deliver that employee’s documents.

Collecting and organizing these documents can be another pain point for your HR manager and using our cloud storage delivery options like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, you can automatically save these documents in specific folders for each different employee.  This also makes it easy to save future documents in folders that you already have setup for the employee.

From automatically generating multiple documents at once, to giving employees the ability to submit their information via an online form, to easily organizing the documents in your cloud storage, your HR department can save hours for each new hire you bring into your company!

What other ways can your HR department utilize WebMerge?

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