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February 04, 2014

Localize Your Contracts

WebMerge is a great tool for automating the contract procurement process.  One of the most powerful features is the ability to use conditional statements to create customized documents based on variables/parameters that are used in your document.  This could be geographical, product based, service level, and more.
A good example of a contract that uses these conditional statements is a nationwide company that has a sales team across the country in every state.  Each sales rep can easily generate a contract for their customers and WebMerge automatically determines what should be included in the contract.  
Many states have different laws that require certain terms be included in the contract.  This is really easy to handle.  For example:
{if $state == 'CA'}
   These are terms specific to California...
{elseif $state == 'CO'}
   Colorado has specific laws that require...
   By default, the terms for every other state….
These conditional statements can be used for as many variables as you need.  As you can imagine, this is very powerful and allows the creation of very complex documents, simplified down to a single source - rather than having a different version of the contract for every different parameter.
What types of contracts and agreements are you using in your business?  WebMerge can help you automate the contract generation process and reduce the errors that occur from manually creating the documents.

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