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April 13, 2018

How an Education Business Automates their Certifications with WebMerge

Educational institutions and professional development companies offer a way for students to get ahead in their careers: a certification after successfully completing a program. In competitive fields, these certifications can be the difference for a job candidate between a second look or a pass.

But for the certificate grantor, creating these certificates, which are customized for each student, hasn't always been easy. Some might've printed out dozens of certificates and typed up each one individually. Others, as technology progressed, could copy and paste information into a fillable document or certificate. No matter the method, manual work was required behind the scenes to produce certificates. That sort of manual work lends itself to mistakes and lost time.

Thankfully, technology caught up. Now, students can go through certification programs at their own pace and leisure. For businesses, applications like WebMerge, Zapier, and Teachable help companies like Brazil's Veduca build a seamless process for their students, generating certificates as students pass final exams.

"We use Teachable to offer our courses," explains Marcelo Mejlachowicz, CEO and co-founder of Veduca. "But since they don't have certificates, the only way for us to offer them was with WebMerge and Zapier."



With app automation tool Zapier connecting WebMerge with apps like Teachable, Gmail, Google Drive, and MySQL, Marcelo built automatic workflows to create and deliver certificates in an instant. Zapier's automation means that once a student passes a course, they can have their certificate in their inbox within minutes.

Automatically Build Certificates in WebMerge

Veduca offers their 20+ courses for free. Anyone can sign up for a course on the fundamentals of administration, for example, and work their way through it. Once a student completes one of Veduca's courses, they can opt to take a final exam for a fee. If the student passes, they get a certificate delivered in to their inbox—a certificate that bolsters resumes and LinkedIn Profiles alike.

To create the certificates, Veduca uses WebMerge and their document builder feature. WebMerge's document builder gives Veduca control over the certificate's design, so it can look exactly the way they'd like it to. And with the magic of automation, Zapier sends WebMerge information from Teachable to populate the certificate: Instructor, student, course, and more.  

"WebMerge has enabled all of my certification processes."
Marcelo Mejlachowicz, CEO and co-founder, Veduca

With a few Zaps—our word for automated workflows—Veduca created links between their different apps, sending data back and forth wherever it's needed. Here's a breakdown of some of the workflows Veduca uses to automate their certification programs:

Basically, when the student finishes their exam in Teachable, Zapier sends the score to MySQL, a database manager. If the student has a passing grade, Zapier sends WebMerge all the information a good certificate needs.

Once WebMerge puts the certificate together, another Zap emails the student their certificate through Gmail and saves it to Google Drive.

With just a handful of Zaps, Veduca automates the behind-the-scenes work that makes a certification possible. Give some of their Zaps a try to build your own documents in WebMerge, and check out some of Zapier's most popular WebMerge Zaps, too:




Because Veduca found the right technologies for their business, they spend more time on what matters to them:

"We can focus on providing a better learning experience for all our students," Marcelo says. That means adding new courses, finding more experts, and making certifications as pain-free as possible. Supported by apps like WebMerge and Zapier, Veduca educates more students and spends less time building individual certificates.

All images courtesy of Veduca.

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