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October 07, 2014

Create and Send Contracts from Solve CRM

In today’s competitive landscape for the CRM space, it’s tough for services to stick out from the rest.  You have to fit the needs of specific verticals or use-cases and do that really well.  In the case of Solve CRM, they have wisely picked a deep integration with Google for Work and all the apps that come along with it.  From Calendar syncing, to Gmail integration, to managing Google Drive files, Solve integrates seamlessly.

WebMerge loves Google Apps as well and we even have an integration that allows you to send documents directly to your Google Drive account.  In this example, we’re going to show you how you can generate a contract for a new customer in Solve and then save that contract in your Google Drive account.  We’ll also be using Zapier to send the information from Solve to WebMerge.

To get started, we are going to upload our contract template (built in Word) to WebMerge as a new document.  We’ve already setup our merge fields in the document using tags like {$FirstName}, {$LastName}, {$Company}, etc.  These tags tell WebMerge where to put the data from Solve in the template.

After we’ve uploaded our contract template, we need to setup the delivery option so that the merged document is saved in our Google Drive account.  Under the Deliver tab, we’ll want to add a New Delivery then select Google Drive.  After we’ve authenticated the integration, it will load a list of the folders we have in our account.  To keep our document organized we’re going to use a sub-folder with our customer’s name so that we can save other documents specific to that customer in the same folder.  This option can be found under More Options.

Now that we’ve got our delivery setup, we’re ready to jump over to Zapier and setup the integration between Solve CRM and WebMerge.  Go ahead and create a new Zap and choose Solve as the trigger and WebMerge as the action.  For this example, we’re going to automatically trigger the Zap when we add a new tag “Send Contract” to the client.

After you’ve authenticated the Solve and WebMerge accounts in your Zap, you’ll want to add a filter to your trigger to only happen when the “Send Contract” tag is added to your contact.

Next, you need to pick the contract you setup in WebMerge from the Documents dropdown.  Once you select a document, it will automatically load a list of the merge fields that are in your document.  Go ahead and map the merge fields to the Solve CRM fields so that your information makes it to the right spot in your document.

Once you’ve finished the field mapping, you’re ready to test!  Follow the steps in the Test section of the Zap setup and you should be able to send data directly to WebMerge and you’ll see a contract in your Google Drive account.  If you need to make any changes, simply upload a fresh version of the contract on the Manage File tab in WebMerge and don’t forget to refresh the field mapping if you added any new merge fields.

Here’s what our contract looks like:

Now, how’s that for easy?  You’re now setup to automatically generate those contracts whenever you or your team adds the “Send Contract” tag to a contact in Solve.  Can you think of other documents that you can automated with Solve and WebMerge?

*Note: you can also build an integration with Solve and WebMerge using Webhooks.  Click here for more information.

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