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January 21, 2015

Create and Send an NDA from Zoho CRM

Keeping track of all your customer information can be difficult, but getting data out of your CRM can be an even bigger hassle.  Most often you end up re-typing information into other systems, documents, etc.  With Zoho CRM you can easily capture your leads, plus manage your customers, partners, and opportunities.  They’ve got a great platform and you can customize many different aspects of the CRM, but document generation isn’t available.  In this example, we’re going to show you how you can automatically send a non-disclosure agreement to a new lead using WebMerge with the help of our friends at Zapier.

To get started we’re going to setup our NDA template in WebMerge.  We’re going to use a Word document as our template so that it is super easy to manage.  We’ve added a few merge fields to our document and that tells WebMerge where to put the lead’s information in the agreement.  Here’s what our document looks like:

When the NDA is created, we’re going to need to get it signed.  WebMerge offers a number of e-signature delivery options available that allow you to send a populated document directly for e-signature.  We’re going to use CudaSign, formerly SignNow for this example.  Let’s jump over to the Deliver tab and add a new CudaSign delivery option.  Here’s what our setup looks like:

After we’ve saved our CudaSign delivery, we’re going to setup the integration between Zoho CRM and WebMerge.  We’re going to use the cloud-connector service, Zapier, which allows us to easily send data from Zoho directly to WebMerge.

Inside Zapier we’re going to setup a new Zap.  Go ahead and select Zoho CRM > New Lead as the trigger and then WebMerge > New Document Merge as the action.

Follow the setup steps that Zapier walks you through.  When you get to the section about choosing a WebMerge document, pick your NDA document you setup.  This will then load all of the merge fields that you setup in your document.  For each merge field, you’ll need to map the corresponding Zoho CRM fields.  This tells Zapier how to send the data to WebMerge so that it gets populated in the correct spot of your document.

Now that you’ve got all your fields mapped, your last step is to run a quick test.  Zapier should load some sample data from your CRM and will send that over to WebMerge.  Here’s what our example looked like over at CudaSign:

That’s it!  Go ahead and save your Zap and then each time you add a new lead, Zapier will send that data to WebMerge, we’ll generate the PDF and hand it off to CudaSign for signature.  Can you think of any other contracts or agreements that you could automate with Zoho and WebMerge?

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