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September 29, 2013

Automatically Generate Customized Contracts

Contract creation is usually an extremely manual process that requires a paralegal or another person in your organization to draw up the papers by replacing the names and terms throughout some generic template that has been created.  Most often, it’s not as easy as a simple find and replace.  There are usually terms and sections of the contract that need to be included or omitted based on the nature of the contract and who it is for.

With WebMerge, we give you the ability to setup sophisticated documents that can be generated using only the information that you need in that specific document.  By using our Conditional Sections, you can define areas in your document that are to be included if a specific condition is met (ie if this person is a part-time hire, include this clause).

For example:

{if $employment_type == ‘part-time’}
This is a clause about being a part time employee of Company ABC.

In order to create the one size-fits-all contract that you need, you simply include every clause, exhibit, etc that you need in the contract, then add the {if} conditions around each section.  We’ve had customers use this type of document for Wills, Employment contracts, Real Estate contracts, etc.  The flexibility of these documents allow you to create a powerful document that is going to save you time (and money) when  merging data into your contracts.

Are there any other types of documents you using in your business that could be generated and customized dynamically?

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