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October 07, 2013

Automate Your Coupons and Special Offers

Creating coupons and special offers can be pretty simple, but what if you want to track how they are used and who is using them?  You need to make sure you are including unique information about each customer on these offers and maybe even a special barcode for each one as well.  With WebMerge, you can create customized coupons that can include the customer’s name, ID, email, etc and we can automatically email them to your customers.

Allow your marketing team to easily put together special offers and send them to your VIP customers without the need for any special software or contacting the IT department. Your marketing team can easily build the special offers in our online builder, then they simply upload a list of the names and email addresses for the customers. We take that information, generate the special offers (PDF document) and email it.  How much easier can it get?

Once your customers receive the special offer, then can easily print the offer and bring into your store, they can show you the offer on their mobile phone, or if you’re simply an online store, then they can use the code you give them in the offer with ease.

Are there other ways your marketing team can leverage WebMerge?

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