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Automatically Save Populated Documents In Stash

Use our Formstack Documents integration to make it simple and convenient to save, store, and share your populated documents.

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Formstack Documents in Stash

Convenient File Storage for Documents

Looking for a simple and easy way to save, store, and share your populated documents? You've found it. Here's how to start automatically saving your populated documents in Stash.

Access Your Document

Find your document within Formstack Documents and select the edit button.

Set Up Delivery

Click the delivery tab, select New Delivery, and choose Stash from the options.

Access and Share

Merged documents will be automatically stored in Stash and can be easily shared.

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Safe and Secure Online Document Storage

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File Encryption

All files saved in Stash are encrypted, ensuring your confidential data is protected.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Increase account security by adding an extra step in the login process.

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Data Localization

Securely save files in the US, Canada, Australia, and EU.

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