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Shareholder Agreement Template

Create a contract for stockholders outlining rights, responsibilities, valuation, and ownership.

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If members of your organization own shares or equity in your company, you'll need to address shareholder rights and obligations to keep things running smoothly. Even companies with only a few shareholders need to establish a shareholder agreement for stockholders to review and sign. Preparing a strong shareholder agreement form protects you, your organization, and your shareholders by avoiding future disputes and assuring everyone is in agreement over your corporation's rules.

What is a shareholder agreement?

What is a shareholder agreement?

A shareholder agreement is a contract between an organization and the people who own equity or stock in that organization. Shareholder agreements typically address areas of ownership, value, rights, and share transfers. Ultimately, shareholder agreements provide guidelines to govern the relationship between corporations and their stockholders.

What are the pros and cons of shareholder agreements?

What are the pros and cons of shareholder agreements?

Failing to maintain a shareholder agreement form for your organization's stockholders can lead to serious headaches. It may seem easier to forgo sending out documents to be signed, but without signed shareholder agreements guiding your organization's stockholders, you may find yourself in a costly dispute down the road.

How do I use this shareholder agreement template?

How do I use this shareholder agreement template?

Shareholder agreements can be lengthy documents with names and other relevant information being repeated several times. Skip the hassle of using find and replace to manually enter repeated information by automatically populating your documents with data. With our many integrations, you can use your favorite tools to fill your documents with information and share them with others.

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