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Sales Quote Proposal Template

Streamline your quote generation process in just a few clicks, and send customized sales quotes directly to customers.

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Sales Quote Template

A key part of landing a big project is ensuring that the price is right for your clients. In cases where cost may vary during a project, it's not always possible to provide a concrete, upfront price for the cost of services. The materials you use may fluctuate in price, and roadblocks may require more labor or staff. Sales quotes allow your organization to provide prospective buyers with a general cost outline so they can decide if your business is a good fit for their project.

What is a sales quote proposal?

What is a sales quote proposal?

A sales quote is a document your business can use to provide clients with a cost estimate for their project. Typically, sales quotes will include the cost of materials/labor, how scenarios may affect cost, the schedule for completion, and a quote expiration date. With Formstack Documents, you can automate your sales quote proposals so you never have to manually create them ever again.

Why should I use a quote proposal template?

Why should I use a quote proposal template?

When trying to land a new project, creating a good first impression is key. Your sales quote is your first opportunity to do just that. Use this quote proposal template to ensure you're ready for new projects as soon as a prospective client makes a request. Make it quick and easy for clients to see what they're paying for and what timeframe they should expect. This is a crucial step in closing the deal.

How do I use this quote proposal template?

How do I use this quote proposal template?

Formstack Documents makes it easy to automate your sales process from start to finish—from document creation and signature collection to data merging and delivery. Use powerful integrations to populate your documents with data and send them to prospective clients in a snap.

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