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Sales Proposal Template

Please clients with an in-depth sales proposal that closes more deals.

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Whether you're meeting with a brand new client or one who has stuck with you for years, closing the deal comes down to a well-crafted sales proposal. If you can't offer what your client wants, they may choose to take their business elsewhere. Use this sample sales proposal template to create a clear, concise, and beautifully formatted document that closes deal after deal. WebMerge takes the complicated and time-consuming work out of producing your sales quotes with a slew of incredible features. Free your staff from manual tasks, improve contract turnaround time, and impress clients with this sample sales proposal template.

What is a sales proposal?

What is a sales proposal?

A sales proposal is more than just a sales quote from your business to a possible client. Think of a sales proposal as an in-depth overview of your business and what you can offer the client to help them work faster and smarter. A sales proposal should be presented to your client once they have signaled a true interest in purchasing from you and should include all facets of the working relationship between your business and the client. It's important to differentiate your business from others in your sales proposal, as well as include the exact ways you can solve their biggest problems with your products and services.

What makes a good sales proposal?

What makes a good sales proposal?

The best way to make a good sales proposal is to create each section with your client in mind. They shouldn't have any questions or concerns after reading the proposal. It's important to be clear and concise, while still including all the necessary details about project scope, goals, terms and conditions, payments, and warranties. Your sales proposal format should stay consistent in style, but the content should be edited according to the wants and needs of each client. Using this sample sales proposal template will give you a clear direction on what to include in your sales quote and help you produce a polished final document.

How do you create a sales proposal?

How do you create a sales proposal?

You don't have to waste hours manually updating your sales proposal templates over and over again. With WebMerge, you can streamline your sales quote process and skip cutting, pasting, copying, and typing. Choose to upload your information using a CSV, or use one of our many integrations to quickly transfer important data to your document. This sample sales proposal template gives you a sales proposal format that is easy to customize and can be delivered to clients in a variety of ways. With this template, you can go from meeting with clients to closing the deal in no time at all!

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