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Liability Waiver Template

Make sure your customers are aware of the risks involved in their participation by adding this template to your workflow.

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If your business organizes marathons, bike races, travel tours, music festivals, or sporting events, it's important to protect your organization should an incident occur. WebMerge's liability waiver template can help you notify customers of the risks involved if they decide to engage in your sponsored activity. Keeping people aware is the first step to keeping your event or activity safe and incident-free.

What is a liability waiver?

What is a liability waiver?

A liability waiver is an important document that can legally protect your organization should someone be injured at a sponsored event or activity. By signing a release of liability waiver, participants are acknowledging the risk and releasing your organization from any legal or financial obligation associated with their injury.

What are the pros and cons of liability waivers?

What are the pros and cons of liability waivers?

You may feel like your sporting event or travel activity is 100% safe and a liability waiver is unnecessary. However, weather changes, participant behavior, and many other factors are out of your control and can affect the outcomes of your event or activity. Having customers review and sign a release of liability form before they participate will keep your organization safe in the event that an injury occurs.

How do I use this release of liability template?

How do I use this release of liability template?

Use third-party integrations to populate your documents with data. WebMerge integrates with many eSignature apps like DocuSign and Signable to make it easy for your customers to sign and return your release of liability template. Make every step of your waiver process a snap!

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