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Lease Cancellation Agreement Template

Streamline the termination of lease agreements with this customizable template.

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As much as you hope to avoid it, there are times when a tenant must terminate their lease. Since lease agreements are legally binding documents, you need a separate lease cancellation agreement when a tenant decides to break their lease. WebMerge makes it incredibly easy to create professional lease cancellation documents in just a few minutes. Avoid wasting valuable time on manual data entry by connecting this template to one of WebMerge's 40+ integrations. Streamline your lease termination process by automating your document management with WebMerge.

How do you terminate a lease?

How do you terminate a lease?

If you and the tenant have agreed upon terminating the lease, you should proceed by having the tenant sign this lease cancellation agreement. This agreement should not be used when evicting a tenant or pursuing legal action. A tenant can legally terminate their lease for many reasons, but be aware that laws vary from state to state. Some legal reasons for termination include enlisting in active duty, natural disasters, health and safety code violations, or significant apartment damage outside of the tenant's control. Your lease agreement should include a clause that outlines early termination fees.

What should a lease termination agreement include?

What should a lease termination agreement include?

A lease cancellation agreement does not need to be long, confusing, or intricate. This template includes all the necessary components you need to legally terminate a lease early. It contains name fields for both parties, information on the rental unit, and a signature field. This template does include language regarding the enforcement of the terms and conditions of the original lease. Easily customize this lease termination form to include information on tenant liability, fees, and early termination processes.

How do I create a lease cancellation agreement with WebMerge?

How do I create a lease cancellation agreement with WebMerge?

The hard work has been done for you! This cancellation agreement is ready to use as is, or you can customize it with your leasing terms and conditions. WebMerge is filled with features that empower you to create customized documents quickly, streamline your workflows, and get you back to business. Say goodbye to antiquated, time-wasting manual processes that complicate your life and cause too many headaches. Merge important information into your document, then choose the best way to deliver it to your tenant.

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