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Fillable W-9 Form Template

Easily collect W-9 information from independent contractors and freelancers with WebMerge's easy-to-use template.

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If you've hired independent contractors or freelancers to assist your full-time team with big projects, it's important to keep W-9 forms on file. WebMerge can help you automate your document creation and give employees an easy way to fill out the W-9 form online. Use this fillable W-9 form template to collect all the information you need to meet IRS requirements.

What is a W-9 form document?

What is a W-9 form document?

A W-9 form is a tax document used to report on payments made to independent contractors and freelancers. Employers use W-9 forms to maintain Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) collected from contractors. WebMerge can help your HR team eliminate manual, paper-based processes by automating the generation of W-9 forms. Save time and free your team from paperwork!

How do I populate this document with data?

How do I populate this document with data?

WebMerge integrates seamlessly with dozens of apps so you can pull data from key systems to populate your documents. Connect this fillable W-9 form template to your favorite tools to fill it with contractor data. The best part? No manual data entry is required! Easily get contractors set up with the right W-9 form so you can collect important tax information and meet all requirements.

How can I share this document with others?

How can I share this document with others?

WebMerge offers automated delivery options so you can get documents where they need to go fast. You'll never have to mail out a form again! Email this fillable W-9 form to contractors for completion, and send completed forms to your preferred CRM or cloud app for easy storage. You can use logic to determine where your W-9 form template is sent or even route it to multiple places at once.

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