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Employment Contract Template

Outline benefits and responsibilities for your employees from day one.

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Employee Contract Template

When your organization makes a new hire, success is contingent on starting everyone on the same page. A critical part of the new hire process is ensuring that new staff agree to all the terms of their employment. Use Formstack Documents's employment agreement template to collect written agreements from your employees and make sure they're ready and willing to work on their first day.

What is an employee agreement?

What is an employee agreement?

It is a signed agreement between employers and employees outlining the terms of employment, and typically includes information on salary, schedule, benefits, and general responsibilities. Depending on the position, employee contracts may include information on the duration of employment and how often employees will be required to travel.

What are the pros and cons of employee contracts?

What are the pros and cons of employee contracts?

For both parties, it's important to carefully outline and review the information contained in an employee contract. As an employer, you don't want to commit to something you can't follow through with like overpromising on benefits or being too flexible with scheduling. However, this should not deter you from creating and implementing a work contract agreement with your employees. An employment agreement template clearly defines the terms of employment for you and your employees and prevents confusion on the job.

How do I create an employee contract?

How do I create an employee contract?

Easily customize this employment contract template sample to fit the needs of your organization using Formstack Documents's easy-to-use document generation tools. As your organization grows or experiences turnover, you may be hiring several different positions at once. However, that doesn't mean you need dozens of different contracts. Formstack Documents allows you to use mapping to alter text in your documents, populate employee information on the fly, and skip the hassle of manual data entry. With our many integrations, you can use your favorite tools to share your documents and ensure your new hires are ready for a great first day!

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