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Employee Contract Template

Extend a polished and professional employee agreement to new employees.

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Adding a new employee to your team is exciting, but also a tad stressful. As an HR professional, you have a lot to get done for a new employee before they join your team. From setting up interviews and making an offer, to creating an employee contract and scheduling onboarding, there's a lot you need to do to ensure the success of new employees. With WebMerge and this employment agreement template, you can automate the creation, management, and delivery of your employee contracts. Impress your team and new employees by streamlining your HR document processes now.

What is an employee contract?

What is an employee contract?

An employee contract is an official, professional document that gets sent to a new employee before they begin their new position. It's a combination of an offer letter and an employee contract. The contract is created by HR, reviewed by the potential employee, and signed by both parties. It's best to send a standard employee agreement to anyone you make an offer to, and it should be sent within 48 hours of the offer. The faster you send the employee contract out, the sooner you can officially fill the open position.

What is included in an employee agreement template?

What is included in an employee agreement template?

A standard employee agreement documents a wide range of details about your company and the position the new employee is accepting. It should include all pertinent details a new employee must know before accepting and beginning a job with your company. This employment contract template Word doc includes information on the terms of employment, compensation, benefits, legal agreements, duties, and taxes. It also includes completely customizable sections for state laws and company policies.

How do I create an employee contract template?

How do I create an employee contract template?

WebMerge makes it easy to fully customize this employment agreement template to fit the needs of your company, HR department, and job positions. Stop wasting hundreds of hours every year manually updating your standard employee agreement, and start using WebMerge to automatically populate every employee contract you send out. Simply fill out the information once and WebMerge can generate all the electronic new hire paperwork you need. Start streamlining your employee contracts and other important HR documents today.

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