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Donation Receipt Template

Streamline your donation process by instantly generating customized donation receipts.

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Nonprofit organizations tend to perfect the art of accomplishing more with less compared to the average business. This is where a tool like WebMerge can come in handy. WebMerge works for your organization as a donation receipt generator. Set it up once and let it work in the background to automatically create donation receipts every time you accept payment. Take preparing donation receipts off your to-do list by adding WebMerge to your workflow.

What is a donation receipt?

What is a donation receipt?

A donation receipt is a confirmation that you've received a gift from a donor. Donation receipts serve both a legal and practical purpose. From a legal perspective, donors need to obtain written acknowledgment from your organization in order to claim the charitable contribution on their federal income tax return. From a practical standpoint, sending out donation receipts helps your organization engage with donors and show appreciation.

Why should I create donation receipts?

Why should I create donation receipts?

It's important to create accurate and professional documentation for the people who make donations to your nonprofit. WebMerge makes it easy to automatically generate donation receipts to acknowledge gifts, engage donors, and encourage future donations. Eliminate manual data entry and free yourself from having to draft up a bunch of paperwork.

How can I create a donation receipt template?

How can I create a donation receipt template?

WebMerge is filled with features that empower you to create customized documents faster, streamline your workflow, and get back to business. This donation receipt template is completely customizable to your nonprofit's needs. Once you've integrated your template with your payment gateway, you won't need to log back into WebMerge again.

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