Create Receipts, Letters And More From Braintree
WebMerge automatically imports data from Braintree and generates dynamic PDF, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more in minutes.

How it Works

1. Create template

Document Templates

Upload a Fillable PDF, a customized Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, or build one within WebMerge.

2. Choose delivery

Document Templates

Choose a third-party integration, email, and more to easily save and send documents anywhere.

3. Merge the data

Document Templates

Integrate with WebMerge and automatically send data from Braintree to populate your documents.

Email Personalized Receipts from Braintree Payments
Find out how WebMerge streamlines the entire documentation process for businesses, leading to hyper-productivity and gained peace of mind.

Show Me An Example

We've integrated with the WebMerge API to allow our customers to easily generate contracts from information calculated by our proposal software. Oliver M

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