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August 08, 2014

Customer Story: Investment Firm Saves 40 Hours Per Month with WebMerge

The reason why businesses choose WebMerge is because it goes head-to-head with traditional operational processes to provide a streamlined system for businesses. 

WebMerge solves a very specific, yet easily neglected process in a business. No one likes talking about documentation, and it isn't exactly the keystone of your business strategy. However, when you add up the amount of hours spent on creating, approving and sending documents to employees and customers, it becomes an obvious problem that needs to be solved.

WebMerge removes manual work for users by syncing directly with online form builders such as Formstack and Gravity Forms to collect information. Once the information is collected, users can then create a templated PDF or Word Document in WebMerge and directly email it to a team member or send it to a cloud-based folder in Dropbox or Box.

Asset Dedication, an investment management firm and current WebMerge customer, provides portfolio management and back offices services for various financial planning firms, which require constant documentation creation and processing. The team had previously been using a combination of DocuSign and Word, but switch to WebMerge when they realized their current solution was wasting too much time, disabling them from providing the best customer service.

"We view the combination of WebMerge, Formstack and RightSignature as a capacity strategy more than a growth strategy," said Daniel Yeoman, director of operations at Asset Dedication. "Our clients experiences are more consistent and intuitive now."

Yeoman reports that their team saves approximately 20-40 hours a month since they implemented WebMerge.

"I have stopped thinking about errors being made in the document creation process," said Yeoman. "And as we continue to grow, we will use these programs more because they allow us make our document creation process more accessible, scalable and consistent."

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