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August 01, 2014

Simplify Your Life with Zapier and WebMerge

Maximizing productivity is something we’re constantly improving upon with new technology, organizational philosophies and other adopted processes. Customer and client expectations increase, while our workload skyrockets. There is no room for mistakes anymore. And there certainly is not room for delays. However, as we’re implementing new  systems to work faster, it becomes challenging to find the tools that fit perfectly with your business needs. We all operate on different levels. How can we possibly all use the same solutions?
Although there are several pre-built solutions for project management, documentation, and general task executions, customization becomes key in making these solutions actually work. Who wants to spend several hours, even days and weeks, setting up productivity systems that don’t even work for your team? Yikes!
This is where the magic of Zapier comes in.
Zapier, an online application that lets you sync various cloud solutions together, sits at the center of everything you need as a business. Imagine you are working with several different cloud-based solutions that you wish could talk to each other. But since every application you use seems to speak a different language, it’s hard to figure out how to make them work together. And more importantly, how to make them work for your team. With Zapier, you can easily connect all of these systems together, automating and streamlining your workflow.
Zapier translates the entire mapping process and makes it very simple for you to connect the appropriate apps and get things done faster. You can hook your project management system with your email marketing platform. You can connect your Gmail account to a ticketing system. And our personal favorite, you can connect WebMerge with an online form to collect information and automatically produce customized PDFs and Word Documents with no copying and pasting. (Among other awesome things.)
Here are three of the biggest reasons to use Zapier and WebMerge today for your business:

1.     Centralized solution that’s flexible and customizable.
2.     Simple setup. Zapier and WebMerge walk you through every step.
3.     Increased productivity. The more tasks you automate through cloud solutions, the better tracking and project management you’ll establish within your teams.
Interested in how Zapier and WebMerge work together? Check out the blog post for a step-by-step guide on how get started. Collect information and create new documents today for free! 

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