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July 28, 2014

Send Engagement Letter to New Contacts in OnePage CRM

OnePage CRM is a refined and simple customer relationship management system that aims to increase your sales productivity. OnePage CRM automates the process of tracking and administrating the sales lifecycle by combining CRM functionality with a sales actions formula. In this example, we are going to show you how to automatically generate a "New Contact Letter" from a new contact entry using OnePage CRM, WebMerge, and Zapier. Talk about automation!
As always, our first step is to setup the template in WebMerge. A template can be uploaded from word or created right within the WebMerge Document Builder. This document simply has a merge field for our OnePage CRM contacts’ first name.

Image of WebMerge Document Builder

Once we have the document setup, we’re going to use Zapier to handle the task of automatically sending the information from OnePage to WebMerge when a new contact is created. Next, let’s head on over to Zapier and create a new Zap that connects OnePage (New Contact) and WebMerge (Create Document Merge).

Image of Zapier trigger action for OnePage CRM and WebMerge

After we’ve authenticated the OnePage CRM and WebMerge accounts in Zapier, we get the option to filter which contacts we want to send the automated merged documents to.

Image of Zapier filter new contacts for OnePage CRM Integration

Here we’ve selected to only send this automatically generated letter to contacts with the phrase "Clarke"; however, you can also leave it blank to send to all new contacts. Once we’ve selected our recipients from our OnePage CRM contacts, we need to map the OnePage CRM fields to the WebMerge document. To do this, select the WebMerge document you want to merge, then that will load a list of the merge fields in your document. For each of those merge fields, you need to choose which OnePage CRM field you want to map to a field in your WebMerge document. In our case, the choice is "First Name". You can select this by clicking the "Insert fields" button.

Image of Zapier match merge fields in connection with OnePage CRM and WebMerge

Make sure you click "Insert fields" and select the OnePage CRM field you would like to match to your WebMerge merge field.

Zapier Insert Fields Button for WebMerge and OnePage CRM Integration

Next, test and save the Zap within Zapier.
Now let’s test its nearly instantaneous functionality by going to OnePage CRM and creating a new contact. When we create a new contact it automatically sends that contact a document in accordance with our WebMerge account. How’s that for easy?!
You have just automatically created and sent (according to your delivery options) a PDF to the contact you added in OnePage CRM. 

Image of Completed Merged Document Using OnePage CRM New Contact

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