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October 16, 2013

Securely Generate and Store Your Patient Records

Collecting patient information can be a very daunting process, let alone keeping that information organized and secure.  However, keeping your patient information digital can mean lots of savings for your practice and minimize in-office paper for your patients to fill out.

With WebMerge, you can easily generate exact copies of your patient forms with his/her information filled out and saved.  Simply build an online form using a service like Formstack, then that information can be automatically sent to WebMerge and the merged documents will be created.  At this point, you can send these documents to an online storage service like Box.com and they’ll be available for your staff at any time.

Patient intake forms are probably the easiest documents for you to get up and running with WebMerge, but I’m sure there are other documents that your office repeatedly collects from your patients.  In today’s world, most patients prefer to fill out their information from their computer or mobile device - all at their own convenience.  Think of the time your office staff will save by not having to re-enter the patient information, trying to read what the patient wrote on the forms!

Security is a major concern with the transfer of patient information.  When using 3rd party services to generate or save your patient records, you need to make sure the information is secured via SSL and access to your account(s) is limited to your immediate staff.  At WebMerge, we do not save any of the information that is used to generate the merged documents.  Once a document is created, the data is permanently deleted.  Box.com is also a great HIPAA compliant cloud storage service to store your records.

We’ve used patient intake forms as an example scenario, but can you think of any other documents/forms your office uses on a daily basis for your patients?

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