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January 31, 2014

Proposals Made Easy

Chances are if you are creating proposals for prospective clients, you are spending a lot of time manually gathering information, writing sections of the proposal, copy & pasting from other proposals, and then sending out them out.  This sounds like a headache and has a lot of chance for errors - especially if you have a team all using “their own words” rather than a consistent voice.  
What if you could easily generate proposals from a single source document that all used the same information across the table for your entire team?  Sounds like a great idea, right?  With WebMerge, you can do exactly that!  What you’d do is setup a single WebMerge document that includes all of the different sections that a proposal could have, then you would use the Conditional Sections formatting to show/hide those sections depending on what the customer wants.
Once you have the document built, you could build an online form that you put on your website to collect information from prospects and send that info to WebMerge to automatically generate proposals based on the information that has been submitted.  You could also generate these proposals from your CRM like Salesforce.

How are you generating your proposals now?  Could you benefit from a unified creation process that your entire team could use?  If so, give WebMerge a try and you’ll never manually generate a proposal again!

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