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May 08, 2019

Instantly Populate Sales Presentations Using Smartsheet

From sales proposals to project invoices, document assembly is a huge part of any organization. If you use a tool like Smartsheet, it's easy to automate these processes to take the burden of manual document creation off your team.  

Today, we’re going to walk you through how to automate the creation of sales pitch presentations. When following these steps, you can use data from your Smartsheet sheets to automatically populate a sales presentation when your team updates the row status to “prospecting.”

To get started, we’re going to set up our contract using a template from our website. If you use this example, make sure to update the template with repeating information that will appear in every proposal such as colors, logos, etc. Then for the spots where we want to insert our client info, we’re going to use merge fields like {$FirstName}, {$Address}, {$ProjectDescription}, etc. 

Now, it’s time to set up the delivery of our document so the populated contract is automatically emailed directly to our customer. WebMerge has already prepared a template email for you, but you’ll likely want to make a few edits. Select “Edit” on the template email.

The first setting you’re going to change is where the contract is being sent. Since we want our client to receive the contract, we’re going to select “Merge Field” for the “To” address. If you don’t have a merge field in your document for the customer’s email address, choose from the dropdown, then enter {$Email} in the box. 

We’ll also edit the body of the email to ensure the email sounds natural and professional. We’ll personalize the email by adding merge fields. Here’s what our final delivery email looks like: 

Feel free to edit any of the other email settings.

After you’ve saved your email delivery, we’re done with the setup process inside WebMerge, and we’re ready to integrate with Smartsheet. To help with the integration, we’re going to use our friends over at Workato.

Before we head over to Workato, we’ll need to grab something from WebMerge. Hover over the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your WebMerge account and scroll down to “API Access.” On this page, you’ll want to generate a new API Key. You can call this key Workato. Set these passwords aside. We’ll need them later. 

Inside Workato, we’re going to create a new recipe. For the trigger, we’re going to choose Smartsheet and then “New or updated row in a sheet” for the trigger.

Once you authenticate your Smartsheet account, Workato is going to load a list of the sheets in your account. Go ahead and pick the sheet with your project/client data in it.

Next, we’re going to select the action of our recipe. For the app choose WebMerge, then select Merge document as the action.

Once you authenticate your WebMerge account, Workato is going to load a list of your documents. Select the sales presentation you just created, and Workato will load a list of the merge fields from the document. For each merge field, you need to pick the corresponding field from Smartsheet. This tells Workato how to send the data over to WebMerge so that it is populated in the correct spot on your template.

After you’ve matched up all your merge fields, save your recipe and turn it on. We’re ready for a test! Log in to Smartsheet and update one of the rows in your sheet. This will trigger your recipe in Workato, and your sales pitch presentation will be generated.
Congrats, you’re all finished with setting up your sales pitch presentation template! You can now incorporate document automation into many aspects of your sales process! Let WebMerge help you take your team’s document assembly to the next level. Try WebMerge today with a free trial


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