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November 04, 2013

Organize Your Documents with the Best Cloud Storage Apps

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz around the “cloud” and the new services that are popping up everywhere to help you save and organize your files.  In a nutshell, these services allow you to save your files in a remote location (servers on the internet) so that they are accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Over the last few years, there have been 3 major players in the cloud storage space that have exploded in growth and are doing a great job helping their customers move and organize their important documents and files.

The first is Box, a leader in the Business/Enterprise space.  With almost 200,000 businesses using Box, they have been able to create a solid feature set that targets the business world as well as develop the security policies/procedures that give businesses the flexibility they need to share files across the company.  Box is also HIPAA compliant and that is great for all of you medical folks.

Dropbox made its first jump into the cloud game by first focusing on the personal/consumer file storage.  One of their biggest features is the ability to automatically sync files on your computer with your Dropbox.  This is a great way to share files across multiple computers and with other people.  As Dropbox gained popularity with consumers, that started to spill over into the business side and now they are offering a great business product as well.

Our last Cloud Storage service that we’d like to highlight is Google Drive.  For all of you that are already using Google Business Apps, you’ve probably been using this from day 1.  Google Drive works just like the other services, but with the built in company domain information, it is easy to share and collaborate with people inside your organization.

WebMerge offers integrations with all 3 of these services, which make is super easy to send your documents directly to specific folders within your account.  You can even send them to specific folders based on data that is being merged with your document (for example, you could save files in a folder using an email address as the folder name – allowing you to organize multiple documents for a given user).  That’s pretty awesome!

Are there other ways in your business that you could utilize these cloud storage services?

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