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January 22, 2014

Organize All Your Customer Documents in One Spot

Keeping track of your customer documents can be easy when it is just you.  But what happens when you have a team of people creating documents alongside WebMerge generating documents?  You need to have a way to easily stay organized and keep all that information in one spot.

With our document storage Delivery options (Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive), we allow you to automatically put your documents into folders that are specific to a merge field.  In this case, we would use a unique identifier for the customer, such as an email address or name.  This option can be found under the Advance Options for each of these Deliveries.

Take for example, an apartment complex that is using WebMerge to generate applications, lease agreements, renewal notices, late payment notices, and other documents that are automatically generated from the customer’s information. 

When customer first visits the apartment website, they fill out an online application, then that information is sent to WebMerge and a PDF application is created and saved in Box – in a folder specific for that customer.  Then when the customer decides to lease an apartment, the staff enters a little detail about the lease into a form that is then sent to WebMerge and then the lease agreement is generated and saved, again in their folder. 

Now a few months go by and they miss their payment.  Each month, the staff uploads a list of names to WebMerge to generate late notice documents that are email directly to the resident.  So when that document is created and emailed, it is also sent to their folder within Box.

As you can see, this is a great way to keep all the documents for a specific customer very organized and easy to locate by any of the staff.  How can you better organize your documents?

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