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August 07, 2019

How theContractApp is Revolutionizing Contract Generation with Formstack Documents #MergeMasters

How long do you think it takes to complete a nondisclosure agreement (NDA)? Repeatedly filling in company names, tracking down signatures, and collecting negotiation information can take anywhere from several hours to a few weeks. Imagine streamlining the NDA process so much that it only takes a fraction of the time. 

QuisLex, a leading Legal Services Provider, has done just that with theContractApp. With theContractApp, you can complete a short form on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and receive a fully negotiated and executed contract back. With TheContractApp, it only takes a few minutes to gain access to amazing results, such as:

Creating and signing NDAs
Pre-negotiating NDA provisions
Receiving a full NDA review 

QuisLex built theContractApp with Formstack Documents as a foundation for their document generation needs. We caught up with the AVP of Corporate Solutions at QuisLex and lead on theContractApp project, Chase D’Agostino, to get some insight around how they did it.  

The Problem

As an award-winning legal service provider, QuisLex understood how time-consuming and costly the creation of legal documents can be for a business. QuisLex recognized an opportunity to revitalize a tired, antiquated process, so they started looking for tools to transform NDA creation. 

They kicked off their search by looking for a team that could create an app from scratch. “At first,” said D’Agostino, “we thought we could have someone build the tool for us. We went out and got quotes for that and the pricing was not practical. We were looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars.” They knew there had to be a better, less expensive way. 

Since D’Agostino is a lawyer by training and had no formal technical training, he knew QuisLex would need to find something that was easy to use and simple to set up. After an extensive search, they settled on two tools as the foundation for their revolutionary product: JotForm and Formstack Documents. D’Agostino described the experience of finding their final solution as, “we spent two years trying to get someone else to build our tool to having a proof of concept that was up and running over a weekend. Now, we’ve got an intake form that instantly generates a document in Formstack Documents and sends for eSignature all as a part of one integrated solution.” 

“The combination of functionality, support response times, and cost brought us to Formstack Documents. It was unbelievable how easy it was to set up.”
Chase D’Agostino
AVP of Corporate Solutions, QuisLex

The Solution

After finally landing on JotForm and Formstack Documents, QuisLex continued to build out their tool’s functionality. QuisLex joined forces with the award-winning blockchain platform LTO Network. To advance the legal review component of their product, QuisLex partnered with a few additional organizations. 
  1. International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM)
  2. DocJuris, an artificial intelligence-based contract review/redlining tool 
  3. Certik, the world leader in smart contracts and blockchain auditing 

The Outcome

Once these powerful tools were combined, they resulted in an innovative solution that allows organizations to get quality, customizable NDAs at a commercially reasonable price. Now, they’re providing a comprehensive set of services such as NDA markups, playbook creation, and AI-assisted human reviews with some processes taking as little as one day to complete. They’ve even established a pre-negotiation feature that passes the form between the two parties to negotiate the agreement and generate the final document with Formstack Documents.  

“Through the power of Formstack Documents, on the pre-negotiation route we use data collected in JotForm to instantly build contracts that are acceptable to both sides and avoid the back and forth of exchanging drafts and prolonged negotiations over phone and email.”
Chase D’Agostino
AVP of Corporate Solutions, QuisLex

The future holds big things for theContractApp. Formstack Documents and its integrations make it easy for theContractApp to build out new features to provide greater functionality to their clients.
There are so many ways Formstack Documents can save you time and money. Check out more blog posts to see how other #MergeMasters are putting Formstack Documents to work for them. You can also take Formstack Documents for a spin today with a 14-day free trial. 

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