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August 26, 2015

#MergeMasters Series: Real Estate Company + Zapier

This is a part of our #MergeMasters series where we dive into how customers leverage WebMerge to grow their businesses. This week, we’re highlighting Realty Trust Services, LLC, a real estate brokerage that focuses on property management. The organization uses GravityForms, Zapier and WebMerge to manage their documentation process.

Check out the Q&A below!
What does your documentation workflow look like? Why the search for WebMerge?
Our usual workflow involves GravityForms to Zapier to WebMerge, then to RightSignature all the way to an email PDF. GravityForms has a way of editing and resubmitting data, and I use conditional fields to make sure correct data is entered. Conditions in the form will change whether our document is emailed or sent via RightSignature, so I use conditional tags to allow me to use one single document for multiple different kinds of outcomes (RightSignature is a great substitution to printing and signing. The functionality is extremely flexible.
I found WebMerge because I needed a document creation workflow to merge data from all my other applications. The integration between Zapier and WebMerge was the most helpful one.
How are the things different for you now that you use WebMerge? What's changed? What's better?
It is an extremely flexible solution. Once set up, I can make changes to a single document and be really be as my creativity allows me to be with what I do with it. I do get documents done quicker including some very complicated documents. It also easy for my entire team to prepare documents because I can put structure into how they are created that forces it to be done certain ways.
With this flexibility and process, WebMerge saves me about 20 hours per month. It just makes it all easier.

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