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November 13, 2019

#MergeMasters - Loanatik

Loanatik, a mortgage lender in Phoenix, Arizona, operates on a mission to make the process of home ownership as simple and hassle-free as possible. Their team of loan advisors helps their customers generate quotes, find and apply for loans, and finalize contracts. They are dedicated to helping their customers make home ownership a reality with a simple, streamlined process. 

Anyone with a mortgage understands how document-heavy and time-consuming getting a home loan can be. Many banks and lenders still used outdated, paper-based processes. Not only are these processes inefficient and frustrating for customers, but they can lead to errors and hold-ups. Loanatik was dedicated to finding a better way. But to transform a cumbersome, paper workflow into a streamlined, digital one, Loanatik needed to create a robust set of processes to quickly generate the documents for their clients. We caught up with Loanatik CEO Corey Schwartz to learn more about how they use Formstack Documents to automate their document creation process. 

The Problem

Loanatik is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their customers. To achieve an automated loan application process, Loanatik set out on a mission to streamline how their customers interact with their organization. 

“We wanted to give our prospective employees a great impression of our company from their very first interaction,” Schwartz said. 

It was time to cut out the paper and create an easy-to-use online system for their customers. Scanning documents or copying and pasting data from applications was not an option. Loan applications can be lengthy documents, and manual data entry can lead to errors. Loanatik knew they needed an automated solution. So, they turned to Formstack Documents to improve their customer experience with automation. 

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The Solution

One of the first ways customers interact with Loanatik is their quote form. Using our integration with JotForm, Loanatik simplified their overall application process with a series of forms. These forms take prospects from quote to contract in just a few easy steps. 

Now, once the customer has completed the form, their data is sent directly to Formstack Documents, where a series of files is created. Quotes, applications, contracts, and disclosures are automatically populated in Formstack Documents and sent to DocuSign for execution.  

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The Outcome

Now, the Loanatik application process is much smoother and faster. Rather than repeatedly completing lengthy paper documents, customers simply fill out a single form, and multiple documents are populated. Not only does this improve Loanatik’s overall user experience, but employees are also saving time on each application generated. Schwartz estimates that using Formstack Documents helps Loanatik advisors save an average of two hours per application generated. 

From streamlining the customer experience to saving hours of staff time on document generation, there are a lot of ways Formstack Documents can support your business. With a flexible tool you can customize to meet your needs, you can streamline and digitize virtually all your document-based processes. Check out more blog posts to see how other #MergeMasters are putting Formstack Documents to work for them. You can also take Formstack Documents for a spin today with a 14-day free trial

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