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September 25, 2019

How Komet Sales Used WebMerge to Scale Their Business #MergeMasters

Having a general, one-size-fits-all tool is useful for a lot of organizations. You have the opportunity to start from scratch and create workflows that perfectly fit your team. For some industries, however, things become a bit more complicated without specialization. In a world full of generic software, tools tailored to a specific field are hard to come by. This is why Komet Sales created a unified system to house all business operations for the floral industry. 

Komet Sales is a web-based solution for floral companies where growers, importers, and wholesalers can efficiently connect and automate business operations. With Komet Sales, these organizations can automate sales, procurement, inventory, and accounting to bring greater revenue and profitability. 

In the last year, Komet Sales has made a major push to increase their subscriber base, according to CEO, Alejandro Perez. They knew they would need to keep their internal processes up-to-date and manageable as they grow. 

The Problem

Komet Sales needed to ensure the documents they created were 100% accurate, without spending hours inspecting files with a fine tooth comb. They knew automation could solve their problems, but they needed a way to get their customer data out of Salesforce and onto paper. Initially, Komet Sales was strictly using Microsoft Word and manually adding data from their Salesforce account into client documents. This manual method left their team vulnerable to human error. 

As a growing business, Komet Sales didn’t have a lot of extra time to dedicate to erecting a new system. They needed something easy to use that would quickly automate their document generation processes, like the creation of contracts. 

The Solution

After testing tools, Komet Sales settled on WebMerge by Formstack as their new customer contract generator. They chose WebMerge because of the flexible features like document delivery, signature collection, and file storage, all available on a unified platform. “Now, we have 100% accurate documents coming out of Salesforce. With WebMerge, generating precise, professional documents has become a breeze,” Perez said

With WebMerge, Komet Sales doesn’t have to worry about duplicating data on their documents, misspelling client names, or improperly placed data. WebMerge does all of the document preparation and formatting behind the scenes so that files can be directly sent to customers for signature

The Outcome

After instituting WebMerge, Perez estimates that his organization saves 20-40 hours a month on document generation. As a growing company, that’s a lot of time to be used closing deals and drafting innovative new ideas! “WebMerge is helping us to scale our business,” said Perez. “Now, we can automate all of our contract and document generation.” 

By automating how they create and share documents, Komet Sales has freed up staff time for more important tasks. Plus, their WebMerge process is completely scalable. As they continue to grow and gain new customers, WebMerge will continue to automate their contract generation without a need for update. Now, they’re saving time and money so they can focus on what’s important and reach their lofty goals. 
There are so many ways WebMerge can save you time and money. Check out more blog posts to see how other #MergeMasters are putting WebMerge to work for them. You can also take WebMerge for a spin today with a 14-day free trial

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