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February 10, 2014

Integrate Your PDF and MS Word Document Creation Process

Automation is one of biggest impacts technology can have on your business and how you operate efficiently.  It seems that every day there is a new service out there that can help us improve how we manage our relationships, organize our daily tasks, manage our teams, get paid, and the list goes on. 

One important task we can take a closer look at is the document generation that occurs across the board at any business.  From the sales team putting together proposals and contracts, to the HR department handing the onboarding of new employees, to the accounting team handling invoicing, payments, and vendor management, there is a lot of manual work still being done.

What if there was a way for each team to automate their entire document creation with a single click of a button within the systems they are already using?  Sounds like that would be a perfect solution, right?  Absolutely, and WebMerge can be a perfect fit for you and your team!  With our easy-to-use REST API and merge process, your development team can easily build integrations directly into your systems that can automatically create Word and PDF documents with the push of a button.

For full details for your developers, please have them take a look at our Developer Resources.  From building a simple integration that targets specific documents or building a more complex solution that offers the flexibility of creating any document in the WebMerge account, we are confident you will never go back to manually creating documents again!

Along with the document generation, we’ll also handle the delivery of these documents.  You can send them out by email, save them in the cloud, request an e-signature, and you can even take them directly back into you system and save them locally.  How is that for flexibility?

If you don’t have the development resources to push this project forward, have our Integration team take a look at what you need and we can help you get to the finish line.  We can have you up and running in no time!

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