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January 12, 2012

Integrate Your Formstack Forms

Creating PDF documents from your Formstack form submissions is really easy.  Formstack has built an integration directly into their app that will pull in all of your WebMerge information and you can easily map the fields to your documents.  For this example, we will create a simple order form and PDF receipt.

Below is a screenshot of the Formstack form we will be using.  As you will see, we will be selling t-shirts with a few options to choose from.

Unlike many of the other integrations that use a Webhook, with Formstack we don’t need to determine the field names that Formstack will send to WebMerge.  We can simply create our document using any fieldnames we want, then map those fields to our form fields.  This is much easier.  Let’s go ahead and use the document builder to design a nice looking receipt. Take a look at the screenshot below.

While we are in WebMerge, let’s create an API Key for Formstack to use to grab our document information.  To do this, click Account, then the API Access link.  On this page, choose to create a New API Key and name it Formstack.  You should see your newly generated API Key and Secret on the page.  Keep these handy, we’ll need them soon.

Now that we have the document all setup, let’s go back into Formstack and add the WebMerge integration to our form.  You will find WebMerge under the “Other Web Apps” section in 3rd Party Integrations.  Enter your API Key and Secret in the appropriate boxes, clicking Continue to load your Documents.  From the Documents list, we will choose “Formstack Order Form”.  The fields for that document will automatically load below.  Go ahead and map the document fields to the form fields.  Click save and you’re all done!

A few things to note about the integration:

  • The custom fields are used for sending data to fields that are not in your document, but are used in your email notifications or conditional settings.  Simply enter the name of the field and map it to a form field.
  • At the top of the settings page, there is a Type option (Single Document or Data Route).  If you choose Data Route, it will grab all of your Data Routes, then loads all of the fields for the documents used in that Data Route.  This makes it very easy to send your data to multiple documents at once.  Click here for more information on Data Routing.
  • Another option is to automatically redirect the user to the PDF.  With this option checked, the form submitter will not see a thank you page, but will be presented with the Merged PDF right away in their browser – no waiting for an email.
After saving the integration settings, you are ready to submit the form and checkout resulting PDF.  Here is what ours looks like:


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