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December 18, 2011

Integrate Your Formsite Forms

Formsite already has the functionality to print your form submissions to PDF, but there is no way to automatically generate the PDFs and email them. Here is a quick how-to guide for creating PDF documents from your Formsite form submissions. We will use the Server Post integration to send submission data to WebMerge and create your PDF documents. For this example, we will create a simple order form and PDF receipt.

Below is a screenshot of the Formstie form we will be using. As you will see, we will be selling t-shirts with a few options to choose from.

In order to create your document within WebMerge, you will need to determine the variable names that Formsite will use to send your data. We will use PostBin to determine these variable names. To do this test, go to http://www.postbin.org/ and create a new PostBin URL (You will click the button on the homepage, and notice the URL you are redirected to – ex http://www.postbin.org/15m2c0w). Copy this URL, and return to your Formsite Server Post Intregration page. On this page, paste the PostBin URL into the Server URL box, choose to use Name-Value Pairs and click Save.

Go ahead and submit a test submission of your form. Go back to your PostBin URL (if the page was still open, refresh the page) and you should see 2 columns of data. The left column (in bold) are the variable names and in the right column are the values. Save these variables, you will need them when creating your WebMerge document.

The next step is to create the document within WebMerge to handle submission data. We will use the document builder to design a nice looking receipt. Take a look at the screenshot below. You will notice that I am using {$_13} instead of {$13} for the variable names. Any variable names from the data feed that start with a number will have an underscore “_” automatically added to the beginning. So you need to account for this in your document.

Now that we have the document all setup, we simply need to change the Server URL in Formsite to the Webhook URL for this WebMerge document (replacing the PostBin URL we used for testing). You will find this URL on your Merge tab within WebMerge. You are all set! Go ahead and do another test submission and you should receive your merged document.

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