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January 27, 2015

Healthcare organization saves 1 hour per client with WebMerge

Eldercare Specialists provides geriatric care management, health care advocacy, health management, and family counseling services in Marin, San Francisco, Sonoma, and the East Bay. The company was founded by Lynn Goehner in 2005 with the goal that older adults and their adult children would have access to the best solutions and professionals to optimize the their health and well-being.

Case management requires a hefty amount of paperwork and document tracking for the company. While focusing on the client is priority, the administrative labor was causing roadblocks in the process to accept new clients. Even though the organization had implemented some online solutions to help with the workload, the disparate systems weren’t making enough of a difference. Multiple steps in the documentation process led to a lag in productivity and confusion among the team overall.

“I was using Wufoo, then created spreadsheets for a mailmerge to then create another set of word documents from the forms,” said Lynn Goehner, founder of Eldercare Specialists. "It was time consuming and depended on my admin staff understanding and doing the merges correctly."

Goehner currently works as the president of the company. Prior to starting Eldercare, she worked as a geriatric care manager, a nurse at UCSF, and a director of many large corporate organizations. After experiencing several ways of documenting, Goehner implemented WebMerge, along with its powerful integrations, to create a more streamlined process.

“We have modified our whole process,” said Goehner. "Now I use Formstack with WebMerge. Once the form is submitted, WebMerge automatically creates the document and sends it directly to a folder in Box.com.”

The company saves more than an hour per new client with WebMerge.

Currently, Goehner is focused on managing her growth as a case management company, but now with the power of WebMerge and Formstack, she’s hoping to expand the future of Eldercare Specialists.

"I would like to add a consulting wing to new case management companies and use Formstack and WebMerge together.The system has automated manual processes and eliminated work-arounds."

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